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●  PT-CTXWB2    IC Controlled Tire Warmer Platinum II Blue 
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IC Controlled Tire Warmer Platinum II

New special LCD Display
More accurate temperature maintenance


- Quick warming(30~80 C, 100 C)
- CTX-2step, 3step warming
- Lap timer

Special Black LCD equipped.
Front&Rear temperature can be set independently
Temperature of 4 tires is controlled by IC
Tire cooker control pins equipped
Car stand design, Light weight (620g)
Removable front&rear tire warmers
Wireless action by battery pack(optional-not included)
Inserted battery can be charged outside without disassembly
Various alarm system like disconnection, delay, low input voltage etc.
Celcious-Fahrenheit selectable display
Minimum temperature
5 different beep tones
Adjustable back light and contrast
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