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●  MR-FZX135ST    FLETA ZX STING 13.5T Brushless Motor  
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New Sensor Connector Protective Guard design is protected sensor connector from external crash.Can be Super Easy and Quick Adjust to the motor timing value.Motor Timing adjustment range : 0~45deg

FLETA ZX STING the competition with Muchmore Racing’s latest outlaw stock motor.
Muchmore Racing introduce “The Sting” the fastest stock motor ever produced.
FLETA ZX STING Brushless Motor series based technology of the Muchmore Racing R&D team.
World champion driver Marc Rheinard participating in the test, the driver can optimize the handling of development. 
And 1/10 Touring Car and Off-Road driver provides the best feeling and maximum power.

The Sting takes stock racing to a new level with its patented Sintered and Rotor design technology along 
with a short stack which equates to 30% more power output than traditional stock motors.

Encompassing the following:
· Newly designed can to allow maximum airflow FLOW-MAX II™body design

· Highest grade aluminum to withstand high temperatures.

· Advance timing from 20 – 50 degree’s
· New sensor connector protective guard end plate design 

· Aluminum lightweight end plate to assist with further cooling (Red)

· Grade 5 ball bearings
· Strong aluminum mounting sensor unit

· Newly designed silver plated soldering tabs

· NdFeB Neodymium Magnet Rotor with ZX Balancing 

Part No Turn Resistance Ω Current Max Current KV Size Weight Rotor
MR-FZX135ST 13.5T 0.0223Ω 2.6 62 3120 Diameter : 35.8mm
Length : 53.2mm
159.7g MR-FZRST
MR-FZX175ST 17.5T 0.0352Ω 1.8 51 2440
MR-FZX215ST 21.5T 0.0550Ω 1.6 42 2020

■ FLETA ZX STING Motors Gearing Chart
Class 13.5T 17.5T 21.5T
1/10 Touring Boost 5.8 ~ 6.2 5.0 ~ 5.5 4.2 ~ 4.7
1/10 Touring Blinky 3.8~4.5 3.2~3.8 2.8~3.2
1/10 2WD Buggy Blinky 4.7~5.3 4.5~5.0 4.0~4.5
1/10 4WD Buggy Blinky 4.9~5.6 4.7~5.2 4.2~4.7
1/12 On road dia 51mm dia 60mm dia 66mm
●Gearing chart is for reference only.
●Depending on the track size, track conditions, ESC settings, the gear ratio can be change at any time.

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