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●  126001564    Setup Wand Edition X 

- Specifications -
Setup Wand Edition X

2 color anodizing Black/Xray orange

Includes all the gauges in one set, Black/Orange 2 tone anodizing

Techra is pleased to announce an exclusive new tool for setting up Touring cars, the Setup Wand.

This is a must-have all-in-one tool for building and setting up touring cars.

The Techra Setup Wand includes a car bulkhead alignment tool, two droop gauge blocks, two droop gauges and a ride height gauge with our exclusive magnetic system that puts all the tools securely and neatly in place.

The Setup Wand is made from aluminium 7075 anodised in black with Xray orange corner edges for additional aesthetics
- Features -
The Techra Setup Wand includes; -

Car Bulkhead Alignment Tool - features 19mm and 20mm bulkhead width with threaded screw holes to secure chassis for popular touring car chassis like Xray, Yokomo, VBC and Tamiya

Two Droop Gauge Blocks - 10mm high droop blocks with magnet system to secure in the Bulkhead Alignment Tool

Two Droop Gauge - 0.4 to 3mm with 0.2mm increments and 4mm-6.6mm with 0.2mm increments with magnet system to secure in the Bulkhead Alignment Tool
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