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●  MM-DBMK    Diff Break-In Machine Black 
●  MM-DBMB    Diff Break-In Machine Blue 
●  MM-DBMP    Diff Break-In Machine Purple 

- Features -
The Diff Break-In Machine is a device that can quickly and effectively break-in your new ball diffrential Prepare your car just as you would do for racing, then simply connect this device to your car's wheel nut, connect the input clips to a 12V power supply.
While holding the tire on the other side, turn the switch on to spin the wheel forward, let the diff sit properly for 10 to 30 seconds.
Repeat the process for the other side to make it well balanced.
After the break-in process is complete , you will feel the diff is smoother than it was when newly built.
It will increase the life time and efficiency of the diffs as well as help deliver consistent lap times
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